1. While watching a documentary yesterday, I heard something that┬ábothered me…something along the lines of missionaries having good intentions throughout the colonial era.

    I┬ádon’t think so.

    Anyone who can leave his/her land to set up permanent residence in a land that is not his/her own in order to “convert” people to the “right and proper” religion, disregard and disrespect the ways of life, culture, history, traditions, and spirituality of the indigenous people…where are the good intentions in that? Using religion to build feelings of self-hate and push for the assimilation of indigenous peoples…Using the image of a White man as the savior of all humanity…

    The missionary was essential to the creation of the colonial mindset and mentality, where the colonizer is damn near deified and the colonized is a “heathen” in need of the “good intentions” and paternalism of the colonizer.

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      Really? They don’t mention that in history books…sadly I am not surprised. The way history is being rewritten you would...
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      Mmm and the seeds of religion are not the only ones Missionaries sowed. Many women were raped by the Missionaries.
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